I'm not entirely sure how you've made your way here, but hello and welcome to my quasi-professional landing pad! My name is Aurel Mihai. I'm a physician in Concord, NH specializing in wound care, hyperbarics and undersea medicine. When I'm not doing these things I'm usually outside, much to the detriment of my ever-growing to do list. For more on my professional and academic background please follow this link to my LinkedIn page.

In recent news, the UHMS ASM at the end of June was great! It was fun getting together with all the hyperbaric fellows from around the US once again before we all started off on our next adventure. I also had a chance to present a number of posters and a review of the year's top articles in undersea medicine as a plenary talk. Very cool! A big thanks to everyone at UHMS for the opportunity and to everyone who attended!

I've planned a couple of upcoming talks. I'll be discussing wound care and hyperbaric medicine at the "What's Up Doc" noon lecture at Concord Hospital on Friday, November 8. I'll be talking about women's health topics in diving at Beneath the Sea sometime over the weekend of March 27-29 in 2020. Nothing else definitive for now, but check back soon! If you would like a speaker for your meeting, organization, club, scuba shop, etc please get in touch. I have done talks for all of the above and I enjoy teaching and meeting new people at every level of medicine, healthcare, science and diving or who are interested in the same things that interest me.

I can be contacted via my LinkedIn page at the link above or via email at contact at


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