Welcome to the new aurelmihai.com! For anyone who remembers the old site it had not been updated in approximately two years. So what’s new? The layout, for one. Content will be trickling in. Most importantly, I’ve done a lot of thinking about how I want to present this site and what belongs here. See the new “mission statement” below in the about section. 31 Dec 2017

About the Site

The purpose of this website is to showcase beautiful and interesting places throughout the world. What do they look like? What can be done there? How do you get there? Where it seems important I’ll include tips on how to get around and any other relevant itinerary details for these destinations.

All content on this site is intended for your entertainment only. You should never depend on any information here as your sole source of reconnaissance for an area before visiting it. If this website piques your interest in these places it will have done its job.