01 January 2015 - There and Back Again

If this is your first time here - welcome! Otherwise, welcome back! A year and a half ago I took down this website and replaced it with a blog. I'd had a photo gallery here before and I wanted to do more with it. I still want to do something more than just a photo gallery, but a blog is not it.

This is not Web 2.0. This is Web circa 1998. No interactive posts. No photos of my breakfast or the giant pothole I saw the other day. What you will find on this website is a collection of carefully crafted standalone projects. These will all be linked from the main page. One of the projects continues to be the photo gallery.

If you'd like to contact me my email address is the word "contact" @ this website's domain name. Leave off the www. That would be aurelmihai.com. I write it this way to keep spam to a minimum. If we ever get a spambot that can read this paragraph and figure out my email address we've got bigger problems than spam.

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