Morne aux Diables

Morne aux Diables is a volcano that makes up the northern half of Dominica. It isn't as impressive as the mountain range of the southern half of the island, but it does have a certain dominance and character being alone in the northern skyline. It's also unique in that it has no trails going to its peak - it is the tallest mountain on the island without trails and the fourth tallest overall. The closest one can easily get is the road leading into the crater. This is the northern link road, the only way to get across the island without resorting to the long, twisting road between Portsmouth and the airport.

Despite this mountain's inaccessibility I've made several fruitless attempts to reach its peak. Sometimes I've been alone, sometimes I've taken friends. We've gotten close on a few occasions, only getting stopped by a sheer bit perhaps a hundred feet or so from the peak. I'm sure it's possible to reach the peak of Morne aux Diables and I'm sure others have done it, possibly even by mistake while hunting. I just don't have the time to explore all the bush trails around the mountain and so I may never reach that peak. Still, I have a few photos here from my first reconnaissance walk up the mountain from Portsmouth.


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