Morne Diablotin

Morne Diablotin is Dominica's tallest peak. It's notable not so much for its height as for the microclimate at the top of the mountain. This is due to the Atlantic air getting pushed up over the mountain as it heads westward. It's nearly always cloudy and windy up there.

The trail heading up to the top of Morne Diablotin begins rather unceremoniously at a small sign on the way to Syndicate. I divide the trail into three segments. The first is a series of stairs and small rocks that get you above the main jungle. This is the longest part of the hike. The second segment is made up of small hills and dips along with tiny portions of jungle gym tree roots and branches that force you to stop and find creative ways through. If you're going to get lost on this trail, this is where it'll probably happen. Several hikers have placed crude markings along this section of trail in the form of ribbons, little bits of plastic or little bits of tape. This segment takes you to the official peak of Morne Diablotin.

If you visit Morne Diablotin on a relatively clear day you may notice something when you're standing at that first peak. There's a trail leaving the peak and if you follow it with your eyes it seems to go a little bit higher! Indeed, there is a second peak that is taller than the official one. This last bit of trail is almost entirely jungle gym and involves crawling through mud and branches or balancing your way over the same. It's also the funnest part of the hike. If you're in a hurry this last segment can be done in a half hour round trip, but giving it an hour is more realistic.


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