Trafalgar Falls & Scotts Head

The two locations shown in this gallery aren't related in any way except that I visited both during my first few weeks on Dominica as part of a school orientation. Trafalgar Falls is in the southern central part of the island and Scotts Head is located at its most southern tip.

Trafalgar Falls is the sort of waterfall you almost get used to seeing on Dominica, if waterfalls are something one can ever come to think of as commonplace. Except that it's much bigger than most of the waterfalls on the island!

Scotts Head is a special monument in a few ways. Besides being the marker for the southernmost tip of the island it is easily spotted from Morne Espagnol on a clear day. Morne Espagnol is 2/3 of the way up the island, about 20 miles away! It's also special because the land falls away very sharply around Scotts Head. Underwater it drops as quickly as it does above water and it reaches several hundred feet of depth immediately off shore. This makes for some interesting deep diving where you can follow the wall, but never see the bottom. Keep your eye on that depth gauge!


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