Manoa Falls

Happy Mother's Day! As I mentioned in the main Hawaii index, I came to Hawaii when my mother was here on business. Unfortunately, that business kept her close to the city for most of our time here, but I did manage to get her away for this hike! Mom, this gallery is dedicated to you, I'm sure you'll remember the photos and I hope you enjoy it!

For everyone else who hasn't been to Manoa Falls, this is an easily accessible hike with a lot of great features. Enormous, vine covered trees abound making the forest appear to be a single leafy wall. Streams and cascades are so common you almost stop noticing them. Almost. The trail fits well into the background, its man-made easements carefully blended so as not to ruin the natural experience. Itís near the most heavily populated part of the island, making it a great destination for a quick hike, and it provides access to at least a dozen other trails that meander through the nearby hills. Did I mention itís also a short, family friendly trail that will still provide great fun to any hiker? Oh, and there is the waterfall. The one the trail is named for. If you hike only a single trail on Oahu, make it this one.


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