My friend Ordovich and I arrived in Ireland in late April 2012. It was a trip we'd been talking about for several months, but very few definite plans had been made. In this respect I was well outside my comfort zone. On previous trips I'd had detailed maps of the route I'd take during the day and specific sleeping plans for each night. On this trip I had a few maps of the Ulster Way to use as a rough guide and Ordovich had spoken to a few friends of friends who agreed to put us up for a night or two.

Did we get lost? A bit. Did we sleep out in the freezing rain? Only once. Was it a disaster? No way! Those friends of friends became our own good friends. We couldn't get as far I had hoped and we missed a few sights along the way, but in return for accepting a more laid back approach to traveling I learned Irish set dancing, hitchhiked with Scottish tourists, joined a group of international students for BBQs and partying, and met many interesting people in and out of pubs. I don't think I could've pulled off something like this on my own, but I'm glad we did this trip the way we did and it was a lot of fun.


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