Layd Church & Cushendall Outskirts

The astute observer will note that I'm writing this entry nearly five months after the last one and nearly seven months after returning from Ireland. I hope to relate the story of this trek as it happened, but I must apologize in advance for any gaps I leave. Time has gone by much faster than I had realized. So where was I?

We arrived in Cushendall ready to find a place to stay for the night. Our map showed only one town between us and Ballycastle on the north coast and it was too long a walk for us that day. Only trouble was that Cushendall seems a more tourist-travelled town than Glenarm, or at least we had poor luck finding cheap and vacant accomodations. The Glens Hotel was a fine establishment (and still is, I'm sure!), but even in the off season it was quite a bit too pricey for two poor students hoofing it across Ireland.

The hotel's owner and a good friend were enjoying a drink in the lobby when Ordovich and I asked at front desk about a room for the night. Seeing our predicament and noting our hesitation as we thought of another place to go, since we had no other place to go, the good man offered us a much lower rate on a room to help us out. This was quite generous, but still above our budget. As we considered the matter further it occurred to Ordovich to inquire whether the hotel had a piano. It had been some time since Ordovich had been able to play one, they are rare on Dominica, and having access to one would have made the increased fare worthwhile. As it so happens the hotel did have one and since it had not been played in a while the owner was quite happy to lower the fare further still to have us shake the dust off the old thing. Everyone was quite happy with this arrangement and we spent the evening listening to Ordovich play his former band's tunes on the piano.

I should mention that before we began our evening's entertainment we heard of a place called the Layd Church. Though Ireland is full of old ruins, this is one of the nicer ones and certainly worth a visit. We took some photos there and mine are posted in this gallery along with another photo of Ordovich looking out over the channel on a nearby path connecting the ruins to the town.

The next day we felt refreshed and ready for new adventures, adventures that will be told another time!


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