Delaware Park

Drive up M25, Lakeshore Road, along the eastern border of Michigan's thumb and you'll reach Delaware Park about halfway up the coast. Pay attention though, it's just one of the many small parks, hardly labeled and easy to miss. I didn't mean to find it the day I got there and I'll probably never go looking for it again. It's just a small parking lot and the beach beyond it.

My goal on that particular day was to reach another park further north. I've forgotten its name now. It had a lighthouse. I was going to catch the sunrise and take some photos. I hadn't had many chances to get interesting sunrise photos lately and being on the lake shore seemed like a good idea.

I never made it to my goal. The highway was unplowed and the going was slow. M25, likewise, was unplowed. I would later find out that in Michigan the roads only get plowed after the snow stops falling. This is the state's attempt at saving money. It also promotes local auto body shops, tow truck operators and ambulance companies. Live and learn.

So I couldn't get to my destination on time. You'll see in these pictures that even the earliest ones weren't early enough to catch the sun before dawn, but, on the other hand, I wouldn't have been able to see a sunrise on this day even if I'd made it to my destination on time. A wall of cloud at least a mile high made sure to block that. The photos, I believe, are still worth sharing.


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