Highland State Recreation Area

You won't find much peace or quiet at Highland State Recreation Area. It's a pleasant wooded area just off of M59 in southeast MI, one of the area's busier secondary roads. I could never quite escape the road noises while walking around the woods here, but at least I didn't have to see the tractor trailers whose air brakes I was hearing or the occasional hot rod revving its engine.

What this recreation area loses in solitude it gains in accessibility, naturally enough. Not only is the area itself easily accessed because of its location, even on those blustery days when the snow is several inches thick on the roads and the plows haven't yet gone by, but within the area there are wide stretches of flat, open space, picnic areas, and playgrounds. In other words, there's something here for everyone, anytime. Even living in SE MI, there's no excuse not to go outdoors with a place like this nearby.


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