Life is a never ending road trip and Michigan is my latest stop. I'm here for the entirety of 2013 and plan on taking full advantage of my little time off to explore what this state has to offer.

Around the early part of 2013 I had one of the longest delays between updates to this site. The real reason behind this is not a lack of photos to post, but an inability to write here what I think about Michigan.

Michigan, I believe, can be divided into two parts. There is the north that, thankfully, nobody much cared to develop and there is the south where industry once flourished and with it suburban sprawl followed. I haven't been north very much because it's too far a drive without an overnight stay and, as of this writing, it's too cold to camp still, but I look forward to seeing more of what's up there soon. For now I offer a few photos of the natural areas of southern Michigan. They are few and far between, but they offer a glimpse of what this whole state must've looked like before reckless overdevelopment paved over much of it.

In writing this I try to be fair without being overly harsh. In the past I've written in haste and retracted it later. I'll say it again here: any trail is a blessing - and I'll expand that to say that any green space is also a blessing. Even when those green spaces are bounded by eight lane boulevards and endless strip malls they are still green spaces. Would it be better not to have them because they are smaller than I'd like? No. I hope that someday Michigan will once again embrace its natural heritage, but in the meantime I'll gladly enjoy what little is left of that heritage in the lower part of this state.





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