Cuyler Hill Forest

This forest is home to Chippewa Falls, located at the end of a lovely spur of the Finger Lakes Trail that itself also runs through the southern bulk of the forest. I unfortunately don't have any photos of that here at the moment. The FLT running through the forest allows for a nice figure 8 loop that incorporates some of the most scenic areas of the forest. I don't have that here either. What I do have are some photos from a walk I took there in April of 2011. The photos show some of the logging trails that run throughout this area. I couldn't get much farther on that particular walk because the snow was heavy and slippery. It isn't the best way to present this quiet, pleasant forest, but it'll have to do for now.

I found another set of photos also taken in April, but these from 2010! The weather at the time I took these photos had been much milder than that in 2011 and I took a walk to Chippewa Falls rather than staying on the logging trails. I still don't have a satisfactory picture of the falls to share, but I'm sure I'll find one eventually.

April 2011

April 2010

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