Finger Lakes National Forest

Finger Lakes National Forest may be the second smallest national forest in the United States, but in comparison to most forests and parks in Central New York this place is huge! 16,032 acres huge. If it werenít such a long drive for me to get there Iíd be out there all the time. Iíve only worked on a few images that I took there, but I have more that Iíll eventually post and Iíll definitely be back there again.

I wrote that after visiting the forest in 2009 with my father. Most natural places in the Finger Lakes area have a relaxed feeling. Rolling hills, mild weather, you could walk around forever. Except that usually you can't. This forest is big enough to let you try! I have yet to revisit this forest, but it's still high on my list of places to go as soon as I get a bit of time to myself while I'm in New York.


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