Labrador Pond

The summer of 2009 has been especially wet. Constant, heavy fog is normally a rare sight in Central NY, but June and July have had plenty of it. I headed to the Labrador Hollow Unique Area on one of these mornings to take advantage of the fog before the sun burnt it up.

It's amazing what several weeks of nearly constant rain will do. At the pond and elsewhere the plantlife was practically growing over itself. But I didn't get up at the crack of dawn to muse over shrubberies, did I? No, of course not.

I came upon the day's true goal and reward at the water's edge. Any other day this would be a magnificent open valley. Today it was like peering into a dream bounded by white cotton on all sides. Wherever I turned I saw more of the same low fog on the water. Unfortunately, I couldn't deviate too far from the path. The same weeks of rain that had brought this interesting phenomenon had also saturated every bit of soil with as much moisture as it could hold and there was nowhere to walk without sinking knee-deep in mud. After a few attempts at finding a sturdy path I decided to head elsewhere before the fog went away.


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