Tinker Falls

Tinker Falls is a footnote in the NYS DEC's website on Labrador Hollow. It is only labeled on Google Maps at the highest zoom setting. When driving down Rt 91 to reach the falls, you would have no way of knowing you'd found the right place to stop but for a handicapped parking area on the opposite side of the road from the trail head. Despite these marks of indistinction Tinker Falls is a real gem in the forests of Central New York.

From the road to the falls is a walk of only about a quarter mile so if you're looking for a hike you're better off wandering into some other part of the woods. However, it's not the walk that makes this place worthwhile. It's the view.

The entire area at the end of the trail to the falls has an enchanted look to it. The cliffs and the trees arch overhead into a canopy that nearly blocks the sky from view and the light that does filter through is tinted green and moistened with spray from the falls. The best time to visit the falls is in the spring just after the snow is thawed.


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