Kill Devil Hills, NC to Ocean City, MD

Seagulls scatter like the final moments of this great voyage. Weíre not quite at the end yet, but weíre getting there. Todayís gallery takes us from Kill Devil Hills, winter home of the Wright Brothers and their historic experiments, to Ocean City, a tourist town deserted in the off season. And with good reason! The day started off cold in North Carolina and it was absolutely frigid by the time I got to Ocean City.

Todayís photos will take you literally from dawn to dusk. This was the non-sunrise at Kill Devil Hills. Rather anti-climatic, isnít it? It was worth a shot. There had been no better time throughout my trip to wake up and take sunrise photos than now. The weather, unfortunately, did not cooperate. I went inside for a while after taking some photos to let my appendages warm up and get some breakfast.

Heading back out I found it to be a beautiful, chilly morning and headed back to the Wright Monument Iíd briefly visited the previous day. I did spend more time here today, but didnít take many photos. Much of my time here was spent exploring the various indoor exhibits, which were quite interesting.

After leaving the Wright Monument, I decided to travel south along the Hatteras National Seashore. Well, actually, I went along NC 12, which goes the length of the seashore. And what a length it is! I had originally planned to go to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse at the southeast tip of the seashore, but that wouldíve put me 2 or 3 hours out of my way and at this point I just wasnít sure it was worthwhile. The Bodie Island Lighthouse was much closer so I stopped there and took a picture you'll see in this gallery. I donít think Iíve ever seen an entire lighthouse surrounded by scaffolding. I also stopped at a nearby parking lot to walk along the beach.

There were no particular landmarks anywhere on the beach except for a distant lighthouse that I knew I could not reach so I eventually turned around and began the day's long drive to Maryland. On the way there I took several photos from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge - Tunnel. It's an impressive bit of architecture with an equally impressive toll: $12 one way!

The bay itself was an interesting sight. It was full of enormous cargo ships all lined up in a grid. Iím sure the locals are used to this, but I canít remember the last time I saw a single cargo ship, let alone dozens. I wish Iíd been able to stop along the side of the bridge to take a better picture because when I got to the rest area the ships were all angled directly toward me and the shot just looks odd and unimpressive.

I stopped at another rest area just after the bridge to take a few more photos. Iíve got to admit itís a nice piece of road! And the bay itself is an impressive geographical feature.

It was nearly dark when I got to my hotel in Maryland. Iím glad I didnít get here any later both for the view and because the town was deserted and more than a little creepy. But anyway, the sunset was nice and the view from my room was excellent. I took photos from my room for as long as the light held out. The next day would be the last of my road trip


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